Ecommerce Site Audit

Feel like your website could be better, not sure where to start?

Our in-depth ecommerce audit will give you the action points to take your store to the next level.

Action Plan
Know exactly what's needed to take your store to the next level
One on One
Strategy Session
Get personalised advice and ask any burning questions about your specific business and situation
4+ Reports
Detailed reports provide quantifiable data about where to improve your website

Stop wasting time & energy without a plan

There are a million different ecommerce strategies and tactics you can apply to grow your store. Some of them work, and some don't.

You could spend hundreds of hours trying every technique to see what works, but while you're doing that, who's working on growing and running your business?

We've spent years learning what works, so you don't have to

After testing every ecommerce technique in the booking and working with clients all around the world, we know what works and what doesn't.

We've put together this audit to give you clarity, confidence and an action plan to systematically improve your ecommerce website.

With our site audit you can save time so that you can get back to doing what you do best, running your business.

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What's Included

User Experience Audit

Our ecommerce experts look over your entire site and complete typical user journeys to identify issues and opportunities in your user experience.

Technical SEO & Site Structure Report

Included is a detailed report that identifys key issues and opportunites to help you rank better on search engines.

Site Speed Audit

Site speed is important for user experience and search engine ranking. We provide a detailed report outlining issues and opportunites for improving your site speed.

Conversion Value Audit

Are you getting the most value from your customers?
We look at your entire marketing eco-system and provide feedback on apps and techiniques to increase customer life time value and average order value.

Action Plan

We combine everything we find into a cohesive audit with an action plan, outlining the steps you should take to implement everything we find.

“Red Mustard recently conducted an audit on our site that brought to light some important aspects that we could improve upon. The one-on-one consultation was great and provided an opportunity for us to really understand what needed to be done. On top of that, the action plan gave us specific, actionable information to make the proposed changes to our site. ”

Grant Nye

CEO of Kitset Assembly Services

Gain clarity on your website with a

Ecommerce Site Audit

And you'll get an actionable plan that you can use to improve your ecommerce site and increase your sales.

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A User Experience Audit so you can gain insight to how your customer uses your site and remove potential bottle necks
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An in-depth Technical SEO Report highlights issues holding back your search engine ranking
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A Site Speed Audit to identify slow pages and improvements you can make to improve use experience and search engine ranking
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A Conversion Value Audit to identify where you could be missing out on extra revenue from your customers
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An Action Plan that you can use to put all of our findings into practice
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How it works

A simple, three step process for success

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2. Project Execution

Plan and execute your Shopify store build to get you up and running with a successful store that you're trained to operate.

3. Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support and access to our world-wide network of partners to ensure your success with Shopify.